CHIRAG GLOBAL HOSPITAL hosts informative seminar on World Piles Day

Informative seminar on World Piles Day by CHIRAG GLOBAL HOSPITAL

India, November 28: November 20th is recognized as “WORLD PILES DAY” across the globe and on this very important day, CHIRAG GLOBAL HOSPITAL  ( organized a seminar with the topic ‘3 P’s for SAFE BOTTOMS’ to educate people on prevention tips for PILES, Fistula, and other colorectal disorders. Chirag hospital is a pioneer in the field of proctology with over 25 years of experience and treated a few thousand patients suffering from various disorders related to the Colon, rectum, and anus. Chirag Global Hospital is the first exclusive center in the entire South INDIA to incorporate the latest technology, and techniques, and to practice exclusively for the treatment of various proctology disorders.

Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore who is the founder and chief proctologist of Chirag Global Hospital chaired the event aside giving valuable tips on how to prevent colorectal disorders like piles, fistula, and others. The session is also attended by the guest of honor, Dr. Anjanappa, who is a senior and respected surgeon apart from his current role as the state president of Vokkaligara Sangha, Karnataka. He is also a proud receiver of the “Kannada Rajyotsava awardee”. 

Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore started the session by saying that PILES is not a disease but a disorder, mainly caused due to bad lifestyle and food habits. He once again emphasized the importance of qualified and experienced proctologists for the right treatment of piles, fistula, and other colorectal disorders. He also discussed the importance of right and early diagnosis as many patients with colorectal disorders are often misadvised and miss the diagnosis of fatal diseases like colon and rectum cancers. He also recalled that Chirag hospital is one of the first ones in the country to use Laser technology for the treatment of piles, fistula, and other proctology disorders. He unveiled the launch of the new super specialty hospital exclusively for colorectal disorders in mid-next year. Dr. Rajasekhar shared his dream of having a dedicated and proactive R&D (research and development) division in the new setup so that CHIRAG GLOBAL HOSPITAL  will innovate many more gadgets, technology as well as treatment techniques in the treatment of various colorectal disorders. He also promised to commence education programs for the new generation of surgeons in the field of coloproctology. 

Dr. Anjanappa spoke about his stint as a colorectal surgeon himself and the importance of expert doctors for proctology. He raised a slogan in his fashion, “Ass is the boss of the body”. He quoted the preceding considering the magnitude of the suffering patients undergo and the huge chunk of the population suffering from various colorectal disorders. Dr. Anjanappa recollected the two-decade-long friendship and professional acquaintance with Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore and praised him for his dedicated and relentless work in the field of proctology for the last 35 years.

In the event, Dr. Manjunath Joshi & Dr. Prithvija emphasized the role of the Ayurvedic approach as well as Yoga asanas to prevent piles and other colorectal disorders. Dr. Manjunath Joshi busted so many myths that are practiced in our day-to-day life about food and the type of foods that are consumed. 

Dr. Shreedevi N, who is a surgical gastroenterologist and colorectal surgeon at Chirag Global Hospital, indicated the latest techniques and technology that the Chirag Global Hospital practices in the process of treating piles and other colorectal disorders. She also presented the disruptive innovation that Dr. Rajasekhar has done by a portable digital video recto scope called “Antharnethra” helping numerous doctors in prompt diagnosis. The said device is available at as less as 15,000 INR for practicing colorectal surgeons making any surgeon to afford the said device against the costly and unaffordable VRS units available in the market that range anywhere between 4 lakhs INR to 7 lakhs INR. 

As doctors at Chirag Global Hospital ( believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is a more efficient way for the right diagnosis, Dr. Chandrika who is a senior and leading gynecologist spoke about how piles make pregnancy painful for few mothers. She also spoke about the prevention methods for pregnant mothers to avoid piles disorders. Dr. Chandrika gave a detailed presentation on the topic “Piles during Pregnancy” that enlightened the audience. 

And Dr. Rajdeep Mysore who is the founder and practicing dermato surgeon & cosmetic dermatologist at CHARMA CLINICS, presented on how patients confuse PROCTOLOGY disorders with DERMATOLOGY issues. He detailed a couple of commonly misunderstood disorders including pilonidal sinus and perianal abscess. Dr. Rajadeep strongly advised the dermatologist community to be diligent in recognizing proctology disorders and referring them to a qualified proctologist. Doing so, the patients shall not fall for the wrong diagnosis, especially not miss identifying serious diseases like Tuberculosis, malignancies, etc. 

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