Education is the single most revolutionary weapon that can transform a society and individual- Dr Nabhit Kapur

April 30: Renowned psychologist and well-being diplomat Dr Nabhit Kapur has been honoured with leaderboard diplomacy prize by on sky global educational institution. The felicitation was done at India International Education conclave organized by On Sky Global USA at National Capital. The same has been given for his work & contribution in the area of well-being, skill development & diplomacy. H.E. Prof Nabit Kapur during the event addressed the gathering with his path breaking experience and expertise highlighting “Education as a single most transformative weapon to change society, nation and world “. 

Speaking on the occasion he also said, “I am delighted to be acknowledged for my efforts, and I intend to continue my efforts to promote well-being diplomacy. The international human rights foundation Spain, which aims to promote human rights, dignity and standardisation, incorporates such skills. Competence, on the other hand, must be developed both in formal and informal learning environments. 

Dr Nabhit also appreciated Dr Varun’s professional interests including educational inclusion, well-being, educational collaborations, and global peace and agreed to support the institution embarking its vision for a sustainable education system.

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