In Conversation with Kanikka Dewanii, Founder of Mintree

Q.1 Please you share the story behind Mintree and what inspired you to launch the brand?

Ans: Coming from a family deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, I’ve always harbored a desire to tread the same path. The act of creation has consistently brought me immense joy, and I firmly believe that the process of building something from the ground up offers unparalleled satisfaction. My lifelong aspiration has been to become a creator and entrepreneur, with a specific focus on design, which has long been my passion.

My affinity for the finer things in life has led me to envision a business that merges all my interests and passions into crafting luxurious, finely designed products. The prospect of waking up every day to contribute to the world’s beauty and enhance people’s confidence epitomizes my dream career.

With this vision in mind, I ventured into the beauty industry, gaining invaluable experience at LVMH in the makeup sector for a year and a half, primarily focusing on Benefit makeup. Subsequently, I spent three years at L’Oréal as a product manager. Despite dabbling in the fashion industry, my heart has always been drawn to beauty.

Through my experiences, I’ve discerned a significant void in the market for serious luxury brands originating from India. While Forest Essentials stands out as a notable exception, its journey of establishing itself over 17 years before being acquired by ST underscores the challenges. Recognizing India’s burgeoning reputation for quality, I perceive a substantial opportunity for luxury products to transcend Indian borders.

Q.2 What distinguishes Mintree from other brands in the market, and how does it address a unique need or gap in the industry?

Ans: Mintree is a skincare brand committed to streamlining skincare routines. In a saturated market filled with products containing ceramides, peptides, vitamin C, retinol, and more, Mintree distinguishes itself by amalgamating these beneficial elements into one simple solution. Our formulations are designed to promote a sense of well-being, prioritizing simplicity and certified organic ingredients that seamlessly integrate into any skincare regimen. Gentle yet potent, our products cater to all skin types without disrupting established routines.

We specialise in products for dry skin, delivering outstanding results. Our strength lies in our extensive range of body care products. Additionally, our packaging is both sustainable and luxurious, making our products ideal for gifting. As self-care becomes more popular, Mintree leads the way by offering indulgent self-care products as an alternative to traditional gifts like chocolates.

Q.3 As Mintree continues to grow, what are your future plans for the platform, and how do you see it evolving in the coming years?

Ans: My dream is to build a brand that grows and scales like Forest Essentials, ultimately getting acquired by a major skincare company such as Estee Lauder or L’Oreal, and becoming a global beauty brand featured in the homes of one in every five consumers worldwide. Mintree’s vision is to reach this milestone within the next five years, aiming to be present in the routines of every fifth consumer globally. This is the growth trajectory we aspire to follow.

Q.4 How has your experience on Shark Tank India influenced Mintree’s market growth?

Ans: Our business has seen substantial growth, thanks in large part to the invaluable mentorship from Piyush and Azar. This newfound credibility has drastically changed how vendors perceive us, gaining their respect and cooperation. We’ve also been invited to many podcasts and speaking engagements, significantly boosting our visibility. This recognition has opened up international markets, with inquiries coming in from Dubai, Canada, the US, and Australia. Additionally, Indians living abroad are keen on launching products with us. We are excited to continue expanding and growing our business further.

Q.5 What are Mintree’s future plans and marketing strategy?

Ans: Our primary goal this year is to elevate the customer experience and prepare for expansion into physical retail. We aim for customers to fully immerse themselves in our products, not just try them. Within the next year, we intend to establish physical stores, refining our systems for a seamless transition.

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