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June 3: is India’s new age online shopping store offering an unbeatable selection of over 1000+ products including all types of Women’s wear, Men’s Wear, Kids wear, home decoration and kitchen appliances and accessories, among others – all at prices you’ll love! We keep our customers happy by providing them with the widest range of products at competitive prices with the best service on the Internet. And it’s no wonder why!

Like many start-ups, SHAUKEN began as an experiment with an uncertain outcome. A recruitment professional from Jabalpur, and the founder Abhranshu DasGupta had been visiting Kolkata, Surat Delhi and Hyderabad local markets to buy shoes and other accessories for himself and his family members where he noticed an opportunity to bring online convenience to brick-and-mortar shoppers like himself who were looking for shoes and other products they could touch and feel before they bought them online. Based on his thought he laid the foundation of

In purchasers have the honour to initially connect with team through WhatsApp Chat and converse with their representatives before they are fulfilled/satisfied and put requests for their favourite products. Based on the availability of the product will deliver the product in 4-6 working days.

Abhranshu has started and he started his business in 2021 with no capital but done lot of hard work to make his company successful. And within a period of 6 Months has gained the trust of its buyers and doing very well in the market.

About the Founder

Abhranshu, who went from being a Recruitment and Staffing firm owner to an entrepreneur by starting his own ecommerce site known as, he talks about what it’s like to get into the online business world and all the steps he had to take along the way. He offers advice on how people can make their own niche in this industry. 

Abhranshu explains his transition from recruitment to entrepreneurship and what influenced him to become an entrepreneur and start his own company. 

For the past 20 years, Abhranshu worked as a recruitment professional and was looking for a change of pace in his life. In 2021 he decided to start, an online fashion and ecommerce website where users can buy quality products at affordable prices.

As a youngster, he was fascinated by the power of the internet to connect people from all over the world and bring them together. This fascination led him to pursue a career in ecommerce. He started his own business in this field, and quickly realized that he loved the challenge of building online stores and creating a unique shopping experience for his clients. Over time, his interest in fashion grew, and he decided to add fashion products to his store offerings. He saw an opportunity in the Indian market to provide high-quality, affordable fashion products through online channels, and he decided to take it. And so, Abhranshu’s E-Commerce and Fashion Business was born.
Abhranshu has always been interested in ecommerce and fashion, and he saw an opportunity to start a business in this area. He is motivated by his desire to help people, and he is hoping to make a difference in the world through his business. He is still in the early stages of his business, but he is optimistic about the future.
So, We Welcome you to visit and purchase safely through our site.
We assure you to sell Quality Products at a reasonable price.

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