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An initiative to create a sustainable life for the artisans

 Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 19: Guddee, a for-profit organization that works with the artisans across India for handicrafts revival and a sustainable income for the artisans, announced their Diwali campaign from 18th October 2021 to 3rd November 2021.

This Diwali campaign aims to create awareness and consideration among the consumers in India to opt for authentic handicrafts made by the artisans directly instead of machine-made products. India is the second-largest employing sector in handicrafts and handloom with 7 million official artisans, but due to Covid, these sectors were severely affected. Therefore, Guddee is running a Diwali Campaign to support the artisans. We all must try to buy handicrafts and handloom to help them revive and earn their livelihoods. This campaign is a small effort by the brand to support this ancient art form of India that must not fade away.

Guddee, a young and vibrant handicraft organization, was incepted in June 2021. The aim behind its inception was to focus on conserving both traditional art and the livelihood of the artisans. The Founder, Ms. Haritha Singh, always had an eye for creativity and kept in touch with artisans from various pockets of the country during her travel and minor assignments. She had worked for almost four years with different artisans based in urban, semi-urban, and rural districts. During the initial days of the pandemic, many artisans contacted her for giving them work and helping them in earning their livelihood, and that’s how Guddee was born early this year.

Under the guidance of Haritha, artisans create unique, exclusive and multi-utility handicrafts with contemporary designs to suit the modern house. The focus is to generate exclusively customizable off the shelve handicrafts/handlooms. The categories of products that they offer are -gifting, décor and lifestyle. A few products like 3-in-1 chisel collection tea light holders, faux leather tea light holders, plus wall decor and brooches are the key highlights of the Diwali campaign. The organization has recently started working with generation-old artisan families from Channapatna, Andhra Pradesh, Saharanpur, Jaipur and Kutch.

Talking about the Diwali Campaign, Ms Haritha Singh, Founder of Guddee, said, “Traditional handicrafts always left me enchanted, and my connections with the artisans Pan-India made me focus on conserving both traditional art and livelihood of the artisans. But through Guddee, I wanted customers to experience the conventional handicraft in a modern way; therefore, we create new designs and products which is multi-use. The team works towards creating variations in a single design along with the possibility of customization. We work more collaboratively where we plan to onboard hobbyists and designers to make unique handicrafts. The aim is to create a community that buys, designs, contributes and in real sense build a string revival plan for handicrafts and handloom’s”.

She further added, “Guddee doesn’t work on the drop-shipping model. Every product we list or create with our artisan is quality checked by our design house. Artisans love developing new designs and products as it opens the horizons of their creative minds. We want customers to own handicrafts that speak to them and fit this Diwali campaign’s key quality, functionality, and affordability matrix. I aim to reach at least five artisan families in each traditional art form and make them a part of Guddee’s ever-growing family.”

To date, 35+ artisan families are actively working for the organization. Simultaneously, the brand is onboarding more from different parts of the country to grow this family.

In the years to come, we aim to build strong marketing alliances and strategies to increase online and corporate sales, making the whole process a cycle of constant growth for the brand, the artisan and their family, and our happy customer base. We currently have a platform capability to choose colors and designs in one product by having variations in the same, increasing customization possibilities. Each product is quality checked and has an easy return policy.

To further light up the Diwali campaign, famous TV celebrities like Jaya Bhattacharya, Rushad Rana, Jyoti Gauba, and many more have shown their keen interest in supporting the campaign and tag along to spread the word  ‘yeh Diwali ‘Guddee’ness wali, apno se tohfa Karigari wali.’

So, buy your very own customized handicraft this Diwali and make your home bright and your artisan’s life brighter!

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