10 CC: About to shake Indian medical system

September 20: If you think the Dolo scandal is big, you have no idea what the Indian medical fraternity is actually capable of. Here is a novel from Dr Ram Narayan Sharma showing light on the darkest corners of the medical world, who has proof to back up some of the malpractices mentioned in the novel. He has his own practice, and he was also a Covid-19 frontline doctor. To find out more about 10CC and connect with Dr Sharma, visit https://linktr.ee/drramsharma 

10CC is a tale of chemistry between a chain-smoking medical intern and the time he spent with his sedative-addicted boss, owner and in-charge of a small town ICCU hospital. His boss makes the patient buy sedatives on the pretext of a wonderful Intramuscular injection guaranteed to provide relief. He pockets the vial with the efficiency of an illusionist and injects air into the patient’s butts to make it look like he has given the injection. Is air injected into the human body fatal? The explanation is given below.

Set in 2007, 10CC deals with the biggest taboo in our medical fraternity, which is addiction among doctors. It is a known phenomenon in Western countries. There are special hotlines to report substance abuse suspicion and rehabilitation centres for addict doctors. This novel touches on almost every medical malpractice in Indian society, like a cut practice from pharma and laboratories.

The novel starts with the protagonist joining a small town, ICCU, without any experience. He is a chain smoker and leaves the hospital to smoke, abandoning the patients. The protagonist in this novel is shown to be good just in theory and lacks practical aspects. The hospital is in an old residential building, the dirtiest place ever spawned, infested with mice and spiders. The staff is untrained, rude and without any morale.

The events in the novel slowly unfold to show how a hospital works, and the protagonist discovers his boss, Dr Doshi, is addicted to a sedative. Worse, his boss makes patients buy sedatives and injects air into their buttocks of patients. As the novel progresses, the protagonist starts getting better at his medical skills. At the same time, Dr Doshi cranks his addiction to 11, and weird hijinks start. The protagonist thinks about leaving, but he is now addicted to the chaotic hospital.

Is air injection dangerous? A small amount of air, if injected into muscles, is painful but rarely fatal. Up to 100 cc or ml of air injected into the venous blood of an adult male without any debilitating disease is rarely fatal. A small amount of air injected at a slower pace in arterial blood might cause an air embolism, but it is rarely fatal. So the game depends upon the amount of air, speed of injection, site of injection and the host. Dr Doshi knows his game and never loses.

This novel is a dark comedy. There aren’t a lot of dark comedies in India, so readers are in for a change.

Another thing that separates this novel from others is the protagonist is not named. In this way, every reader can associate with him.

If this novel becomes hit, the Indian government will be forced to make many reforms in the medical sector. It will scare a lot of powerful people and bring about positive changes in Indian society.

You can buy 10CC here. Available worldwide on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


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