CodingWise, a Rising Star in IT Education for 2023

New Delhi (India), November 29: In India, on November 27, 2023, a company called CodingWise is being talked about a lot. People say it’s really good at teaching computer programming (coding). They think everyone should learn to code because it can change their lives. CodingWise has a saying, “A Place Where Careers are Crafted in Code,” which means they really care about helping people learn coding. They teach not just new college graduates, but also people who have been working in IT for a while, and even those who are new to the IT field.

CodingWise has recently been named the “Best Emerging IT Education Company of the Year 2023.” This is a big deal because it shows how well they teach coding and how successful their students are. They make coding easy to understand and use for everyone.

CodingWise is a great place to learn coding. They help students who want good jobs, people who are new to IT, and those who already work in IT but want to learn more. They make it easier for people from different backgrounds to get into the world of coding.

The company focuses on different kinds of students. They have special training and placement programs for college students and graduates to teach them the coding skills that are in demand for jobs. People who are new to IT can learn coding in a simple way with lots of support. And for those who already work in IT, CodingWise has advanced mentorship programs to help them keep up with new technology. Basically, anyone who wants to do something in IT, like making an app or understanding how websites work, can find help at CodingWise.

CodingWise is known for being really good at teaching IT. They have a large community of over 430,000 coders and have trained more than 12,000 students. They are good at helping students get IT jobs; they have already placed over 2,400 students in different IT roles.

CodingWise is different because they focus on live, interactive classes. This means students can talk to their teachers in real-time, ask questions right away, and get personal feedback. They don’t just teach coding; they also help with preparing for job interviews, making resumes, improving communication skills, and learning tools like Git & GitHub. They keep their classes small, with only 60 students, to make sure everyone gets the attention they need. They also help students to get jobs within 5-6 months after finishing their training and mentorship programs, which is really fast.

CodingWise has come a long way. They started small and worked hard to become a well-known name in IT education. They faced challenges but always found ways to make their training programs better, like having tests on Sundays, classes for interview preparation, and giving students personal assignments. All these things help their students succeed.

The support of their large community of coders and the success of their students are what make CodingWise proud. They are looking forward to helping even more people in the future.

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