HealthMitra, the new entrant in healthtech space

Gurgaon (India), December 9: HealthMitra is a group of individuals and partner organizations that are passionate about building the best line of products and services in healthcare, providing quality preventive healthcare solutions that are accessible and affordable to all. As, India’s leading preventive healthcare specialist, the firm is determined to live up to our motto of making quality healthcare ‘Available, Accessible, Affordable on Demand Healthcare’ each and every day.

 Co-founder Patrick Kelahan had this reaction to the launch, “Health Mitra’s plans are entry points for persons who have not had access to affordable health care, and the plans serve as a backstop to insurance limits and otherwise excluded services.”

HealthMitra Systems AI pvt ltd in India is backed and entirely Funded by the Founders of Insurance Elephant Company. The Insurance Elephant Company has already provided the Initial Seed fund for the Launch. The team comprises of Patrick Kehalan, Michael Nazareth, Carlos Vidal, and Vikas Bhandari.  The subscription model is designed to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and convenient for has experienced rapid growth in recent months from launch. The company has expanded its network of Hospitals with the Likes of Max hospitals, Marengo Asia Hospitals, Etc and many more and added new services to its subscription plans.

In 2023, HealthMitra was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare industry. The company succeeded in doubling its subscribers in the last few months while gaining their trust and making health their priority.

How the Subscription Model Works

Members of the HealthMitra subscription plan have access to a wide range of healthcare services, including:

●      Primary care

●      Specialist care

●      Urgent care

●      Emergency care

●      Mental health care

●      Preventive care

●      Diagnostics

●      Medical Loans

●      Prescription drugs

Members can also access a variety of other benefits, such as discounts on dental and vision care, and free wellness programs.

Benefits of the Subscription Model

The HealthMitra subscription model offers a number of benefits to members, including:

– Affordability: The subscription fee is significantly lower than the cost of paying for healthcare expenses out-of-pocket.

– Accessibility: Members have access to a wide range of healthcare services, including primary care, specialist care, urgent care, emergency care, mental health care, and preventive care.

– Convenience: Members can access healthcare services when and where they need them and book appointments online or over the phone.

Why Choose Our Subscription Plans?

– No pre-authorization or wait periods required: Members do not need to get pre-authorization from the company before seeing a doctor or specialist for a consultation. The Company provides 50% off all Doctor consultations in India as a reimbursement.

– Comprehensive coverage: Subscription plans cover a wide range of healthcare services, including primary care, specialist care, urgent care, emergency care, Diagnostics, mental health care, and preventive care.

– Access to a network of high-quality providers: HealthMitra has a network of high-quality Healthcare providers who are committed to providing members with the best possible care at affordable prices.

– Benefits programs for maternity period, PED diseases, vaccination, and others.

– Telemedicine: Members can access medicine services to see a doctor or specialist remotely.

– Discounts on dental and vision care: Members receive discounts on dental and vision care from participating Healthcare providers.

To learn more about the subscription plan, please visit  or call 9818823106

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