Triumph of Words: Literary Warrior Group’s Inaugural Literary Fest Unveiled at Sahitya Akademi

New Delhi (India), November 23: The literary fest held on November 18, 2023, at Sahitya Akademi Hall, New Delhi, organized by Literary Warrior Group, was graced by eminent guests, each distinguished in their literary contributions. Varsha Das, an esteemed writer and poet, and an Academy Award winner, brought her wealth of literary experience to the event. Abhay K., an eminent poet and writer, also the Deputy Director-General of IICR, added a touch of prestige with his presence. Dr. Mridula Tandon, the Founder of Sakshi NGO, brought a unique perspective to the literary gathering. The event further welcomed Prof. Nandini Sahu, a renowned poet and writer, and Padmini Iyenger, an eminent Editor and poet, who added their literary essence to the vibrant occasion.

The fest commenced with an air of enchantment, bringing together individuals who, until then, were known only through the lens of the camera and WhatsApp chats. This eclectic assembly of poets, writers, and literature enthusiasts witnessed the transmutation of their digital connections into tangible embodiments of creativity on the grand platform at Sahitya Akademi.

The Literary Warrior Group, an embodiment of literary zeal, stood out as a guiding force. Established in 2019 during the tumultuous times of the pandemic, LWG transcended virtual space, connecting hearts and minds. Their online shows, hosted on, garnered over 300 followers, offering a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the eloquence of words.

The Literary Warrior Group’s inaugural Literary Fest was not just a celebration of poetic brilliance but also a stage for the unveiling of captivating literary works. The event witnessed the launch of an array of thought-provoking books, each a testament to the diverse and profound voices within the group. Meera introduced us to “Nocturnal Frights,” a collection that explores the mysterious realms of the night, delving into the intricacies of fear and the unknown. Waheeda shared her creation, “Mend My Broken Wings,” a poignant journey of healing and resilience, beautifully woven through verses that echo the strength of the human spirit. Maitreyee presented “Pinhole – A Bit Clearer,” inviting readers to peer through the tiny aperture of life, gaining clarity in the subtle nuances that shape our existence. Nivedita unveiled “Earthly Echoes,” a poetic composition that resonates with the echoes of our earthly experiences, capturing the essence of the human journey. Anshu Sharma offered “Antarman ke Samvad,” a literary dialogue that unfolds within the depths of the inner self, exploring the profound conversations within. Aparna Pradhan showcased two remarkable books, “त्रिआयामी एंड नारी अस्मिता,” each delving into unique aspects of life and womanhood. Juhi Gupte brought forth “अमलतास का आंचल,” a literary tapestry that weaves together the fragrances and hues of Amaltas, creating a vivid narrative. Madhavi Mohit Agrawal collaborated on “Mehak Antas ki,” a sensory journey through the scents of Antas, immersing readers in a world of captivating aromas. U. B. Tiwari,s “माहसागर की लहरें,” a poetic voyage riding the waves of the cosmic ocean, exploring profound reflections. Dr. Sigma shared “Red Tea and Other Poems,” a literary brew infused with diverse emotions, each poem a sip of eloquence and sentiment. Koyal Biswas introduced “Gilli Maati ki Khushboo,” a collection that captures the fragrance of wet soil, embodying the essence of simplicity and nostalgia. Diwakar Pokhariyal presented “Poet in Everyone,” inviting readers to discover the poet within, unraveling the potential for verse in every soul. Surekha Sahu unveiled “अंतर्मन की गांठें,” a poetic exploration of the knots within, unraveling the intricacies of the inner self. Anoop Pandey shared “बीना डायरी,” a literary journey etched without the constraints of a diary, offering a free-flowing narrative. Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi presented “Two Cents For My Thoughts,” a reflection of personal musings distilled into literary expressions, each thought a valuable contribution. Renu Mishra introduced “प्रभास,” a literary radiance that illuminates the pages, showcasing the brilliance of Renu’s poetic vision. Neelam took us on a profound journey “Beneath the Dead Skin,” delving into the layers beneath the surface, unraveling stories beneath the exterior. Each author and their respective works added a unique hue to the literary canvas, contributing to the rich tapestry of expression showcased at this unforgettable Literary Fest. As the evening progressed, the literary glitterati including Meera Bhansali, Waheeda Hussain, Dr. Maitreyee Joshi, Dr. Anshu Sharma, Dr. Aparna Pradhan, Mala Agrawal (Madhavi), Juhi Gupte, Seema Jain, Sunil Chaudhary, Ritvika Sharma, Surekha Sahu, Dr. Koyal Biswas, Gayatri Joshi Arunima, Anoop Pandey, Dr. Sigma Satish, Misna Chanu, Sarita Tripathi, Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy, and Seema Srivastava recited their composed poems, wherein some prompting each of the distinguished guests to sit up and ponder, while others elicited laughter, and some set a musical tone with their lyrical quality. The mood was both jovial and electric. The zing was further heightened as the event transitioned to the awards for the recognition of literary excellence, with awards sponsored by Highbrow Scribes Publication, New Delhi. The awards ceremony was a tapestry of diversity, showcasing the depth of literary pursuits. Towards the end of the program, awards were presented in various categories.

The Minati Banerjee Memorial Award for the Best Woman Poet/Writer 2023 went to Seema Jain. The Madhumita Sarkhel Award for the Best Non-Fiction Book was awarded to Surekha Sahu. The Dharam Veer Bharati award for non-fiction was given to U.B. Tiwari. The Rama Chowdhury Memorial Award for the Best English Fiction Book was presented to Dr. Maitreyee Joshi, and the Prof. Dr. M.N. Saxena Memorial Award for Best English Fiction Book was received by Nivedita Roy. The Shri Dev Mani Tiwari Memorial Award for the Best Hindi Poetry Collection was won by Sunil Chaudhary, and the Shri Kashi Ram Upadhyaya award for Best Hindi poetry Book was bestowed upon Aparna Pradhan. The Shri Gurpal Singh Sudan For Best Hindi Poetry Book was awarded to Madhavi Agrawal, and the Shashi Saxena Award for Best Hindi Poetry Book was given to Harpreet. The Mahadevi Verma Award for Best Hindi Poetry Book was claimed by Nivedita Roy. The Shri Anurag Kumar Saxena Memorial Award for Best Hindi Fiction Book was received by Veena Vij, and the Subhadra Kumari Chauhan Award for Best Hindi Fiction Book Award was presented to Aparna Pradhan. The Rama Chowdhury Memorial Award for Best English Poetry Collection was given to Gargi, and the Dr. M.K. Jain Awards for Best English Collection was won by Roopam. The Shri Gurpal Singh Sudan for Best English Collection was awarded to Waheeda. The Dr. M.K. Jain Awards for Best English Collection 2nd prize went to Koyal, and the Smt. Tara Rani Saxena Memorial Award for Best English Poetry Collection was claimed by Diwakar. The Kamala Das Award for Best English Poetry Book was won by Ritvika, and the Smt. Shashi Saxena Award for Best English Poetry Book was received by Meera, Mandira, and Soumit. The Reverend Dr. Komal Masih Memorial award went to Nivedita, and the Sitabai Iyengar Memorial Prize-2023 for the Best Poetry Rendition was awarded to Padmaja Iyengar. R.P. Sharma’s Poetic Present for poetry rendition was awarded to two best English Renditions – Ritvika. Finally, the Dr. Leela Raman Literary Prize was presented to Neelam Saxena.

Sunil Chaudhary immortalized the joyous moments through his lens. PDP Productions, our media partner, diligently preserved and broadcasted the essence of the event, ensuring that those unable to attend in person could still partake in the unfolding magic. The program was streamed live, resonating globally with members of the Literary Warrior Group and the cherished friends and family of the participating literary talents.

The Literary Fest by the Literary Warrior Group proved to be a celebration of literary diversity, a testament to the group’s commitment to fostering talent, and a momentous occasion that brought the literary community together in a shared celebration of the written word. As the curtain fell on this inaugural fest, it left an indelible mark on the literary landscape, promising more enchanting chapters in the world of words.

By Meera Bhansali

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