Unveiling the Shadows: Meera Bhansali’s Journey into the Abyss of “Nocturnal Frights”

In the cryptic realms of literature, Mumbai-based author Meera Bhansali unveils her latest creation, “Nocturnal Frights,” a mesmerizing collection of gothic poems that plunges readers into an eerie world of myths and horror. This captivating anthology explores 13 entities from diverse mythologies and cultures, each brought vividly to life through a haunting series of five poems, offering an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

For Bhansali, the journey into the shadows began with a profound desire to follow her earlier work, “Speck.” The inception of “Nocturnal Frights” involved a meticulous year-long odyssey through global myths, literature, and medical anomalies associated with these entities. With a treasure trove of over 2000 poems, Bhansali carefully curated those that resonated with the shortlisted entities. The result is a unique and spectacular collection, a labor of love in her favorite genre.

A self-proclaimed spiritualist, Bhansali’s belief system embraces the coexistence of good and evil, recognizing the nuanced shades of gray within human nature. Her faith extends to the enduring significance of the soul in the grand tapestry of existence. This philosophical underpinning infuses “Nocturnal Frights” with a depth that transcends traditional horror narratives.

However, the creation of this haunting collection was not without its challenges. The research phase, delving into the darkest aspects of human behavior and the attribution of crimes to supernatural forces or psychological disorders, took a toll on Bhansali’s well-being. Constantly grappling with disturbing topics, overthinking, and empathizing with the victims left her jittery and haunted by nightmares. To navigate this emotional labyrinth, she took a temporary step back from the research, finding solace through meditation to nurture her soul and regain the equilibrium needed to continue her creative journey.

Readers are invited to immerse themselves in the chilling beauty of Bhansali’s poetic enchantment. This journey into the abyss is not merely a literary experience but an exploration of the human psyche, a testament to the resilience of the soul, and a celebration of the shades of gray that define our existence. Meera Bhansali invites you to surrender to the shadows, to let the nocturnal symphony envelop your senses, and to emerge transformed by the haunting beauty of her unparalleled creation.

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